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Hygiene Routine: Care Clean Connect

Developing your Hygiene Routine (Why is it important? And how to set a Routine for it)

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We can all say among the many distresses that came during covid times the one silver lining is that we all have become a little extra careful when it comes to our hygiene.

Our hygiene is something the most basic element for maintaining good health and yet is so much ignored. Establishing a good hygiene routine can not only reduce the chances of getting sick but also helps with feeling refreshed, clean, and more feminine.

Here is a simple hygiene routine that you can easily integrate into your lifestyle to enhance your sense of self-care.

Mouth Care

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It’s not just about having pearly white teeth, brushing your teeth twice is the first step towards your hygiene care. Dental hygiene can reduce the risk of gum disease and cavities and helps with fresh breath.

Ideally, brush your teeth after waking up in the morning and last thing at night before going to bed for at least two minutes. However, if you are having a flavorful lunch or a bit too much coffee during the day and your breath smells bad, don’t wait till the evening, and just brush your teeth in the afternoon.

Brushing twice a day will help you to have a healthy mouth and fight bacteria in your gums that create cavities and bad breath.

Body Care

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Have you ever noticed yourself feeling calmer and lighter after a bath? That's because water itself helps with cleansing the energy.

On average most people benefit from showering every other day. But including a shower in your daily hygiene routine will help you to feel and appear fresher. Using soap in the shower helps with removing bacteria, oils, and dead cells from the surface of your skin.

You can also choose to shampoo your hair at least twice a week or more depending on your climate. It is important as it prevents the scalp and hair from buildup of excess oils that can lead to itchiness, dandruff, and hair fall consequently.

Feminine Care

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Just like our mouth and body, feminine hygiene is extremely important to prevent infections and diseases.

One way to look at it is to clean ourselves thoroughly during the shower daily. Another important time to do this would be after going to the bathroom and being intimate with our partner. Also, to maintain a good intimate feminine hygiene care it is important to groom yourself such as shaving or waxing periodically.

It is also essential to maintain a hygiene routine during your menstrual cycle such as changing your sanitary napkin after every 4 hours at least, or sooner during heavy flow days. This implies reusable sanitary pads also.

Managing a good feminine hygiene routine will help you to prevent infections caused by bacteria and will also help you to stay clean and feel feminine.

Hands Care

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We all have gotten used to washing our hands many times during covid. However, maintaining this habit is extremely important to prevent ourselves from getting sick. Washing hands after we use the bathroom, or when we come back home from outside, after petting an animal, meeting someone unwell, or before having a meal can reduce the risk of catching germs and getting sick.

We all can get a little lazy at times when it comes to our hygiene. But making it a priority can help us to prevent diseases and infections. It can also help us to improve our immune system. Start by introducing these steps slowly into your routine and notice the changes happening for you in your physical health within a few weeks.

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