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Meet the Team


Tamara Ghandour

Deputy Executive Director

Tamara is a specialist in sustainable development and social entrepreneurship with a focus on women empowerment. 
She has several years of experience on the ground with Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon in the fields of psycho-social support, livelihood, women empowerment, and alternative holistic medicine for individuals suffering from PTSD. 
Tamara was also a core member of the founding team of a social enterprise that aims at offering decent clothing to marginalised communities at highly affordable costs while reducing fabric-waste in MENA. 
She is highly engaged in the social entrepreneurship eco system in MENA.
While serving as the head of ESG & Impact at Stardust Concept, Dubai, with the aim to create social impact focused on women empowerment, she also is the Deputy Executive Director at HerMeNow.




Leah Philpott worked as a journalist and teacher for six years before creating her private practice as a therapist. She studied at Henri IV, the top French Classe Préparatoire, at Sciences Po Paris and at the Sorbonne Paris IV University, specializing in Comparative Literature and Philosophy. 

As a writer, Leah uses various channels to experiment the potent impact of words on how we approach life’s challenges, be it through literature, radio broadcasting, podcasting, blogging or copywriting. She continues to look for new and intuitive ways to interact with a larger audience to foster collective intelligence and social change. Since 2021, she is Head of Communication at Stardust Concept and is Editor-In-Chief for the HMN Accelerator.


Stéphanie Al Tabib

Social Media Specialist

Stephanie Al Tabib is a Graphic Designer and Social Media expert. In 2016, shortly after graduating from the Lebanese University as a Graphic Designer and Visual Communicator, Stephanie started working within a Social Media agency in Lebanon: Digits 360. There, she was able to put her skills into practice in design, photography and content creation. Several years later, opportunity knocked in the form of HiCart, an online marketplace reimagining e-commerce. Two years later, Stephanie made the decision to start her own advertising agency freeing her way to grow without limits. Since then, she has worked on various projects involving  web design, Social Media accounts management, branding, marketing and art direction. Stephanie describes herself as being a humanitarian at heart — she also loves watching football and is a big fan of FC Barcelona.


Minerva Bulaqui

Receptionist | Administrator

Minerva Maguddayao Bulaqui, works as a Receptionist and Administrator for Stardust Concept Design Services. She holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Major in Computer Science at her beloved alma mater, University of Saint Louis, Tuguegarao. During her studies, she was both a working student and a CICM Missionaries scholar. She worked as a Sales Associate in a watch and jewelry company and in one of the well-known sports shops in the U.A.E. which helped build her confidence. These experiences have allowed her to face or interact with diverse cultures, regardless of their beliefs and status in life. Before joining Stardust Concept Design Services, she worked as an Administrative Assistant and Document Controller with various responsibilities that enabled her to learn and adapt. As a hobby, she enjoys reading selected subjects, watching movies, listening to music and singing.



Design Chief

Vineet Raju joined Stardust Concept in July 2021 as in-house Design Chief. 
Vineet holds a BMA in Animation from Emily Carr University, Canada, and has previously worked as Design Chief at a leading wrist watch retailer in the UAE. He has always been fascinated by design as a tool for creative problem-solving and by the power of storytelling in the production journey. On his breaks, you can find Vineet doodling storyboards while listening to reruns of Frasier.



Creative Consultant

Marko Jurisic has over ten years of experience as a graphic designer, working across visual identity & logo creation and rebranding for various companies and concepts.Marko has reached the platinum level as part of the 99 designs community program, taking his own brand “Marten Graphics” to a higher level. Throughout the years, Marko has developed a taste for traveling, music, games, art, epic fantasy, and martial arts which he puts into practice as a certified instructor of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Today, Marko is Stardust Concept’s creative consultant; a real driving force behind our projects’ success.



Office Supervisor

Taimur is a hard-worker and feels no shame in making his dreams come true while keeping his family in mind throughout all of his achievements. He holds a B.A. in Business Administration from MAJU University, Pakistan, with a major in marketing. Taimur has worked in Dubai for almost 11 years in the field of tourism. In addition, his passion for teaching, practiced over many years, has given him courage to face any situations. A thorough team player, being supportive and reliable is of the utmost importance to him. The opportunity of being in charge of administration and documentation in his current position at Stardust Concept has made him more keen to achieve his goals in his life.

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