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the 2023 mentors

Meet the HerMeNow Accelerator Mentors.

A huge thank you to all our advisors and mentors who volunteered to dedicate their time and expertise to what we believe in. None of this achievement would have seen the light of day without their knowledge and generous intelligence.

Headshot of Alya Al Jeboori

Alya Al Jeboori

CFA, Head of Family Office

Alya Al-Jeboori, a seasoned professional with 15+ years in Wealth Management, excels in optimizing international portfolios. She began her career at HSBC Private Bank in 2008, later holding leadership roles in Dubai. Alya, a CFA Charterholder, currently heads a Dubai-based Family Office and oversees operations for FK Group DWC. 

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portrait of Cendrella Antoun

Cendrella Antoun

Founder of ToySwap

A Lebanese entrepreneur and MBA graduate from Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK), Cendrella is experienced in entrepreneurship and education. As an entrepreneurship teacher, she has actively participated in programs, serving as both a mentor and instructor. Currently, the founder of ToySwap, she manages business operations, handle finances, conducts marketing activities, and delivers effective pitches. Her expertise spans teaching entrepreneurship in various areas, including business startup, team management, business plan development using tools like Business Model Canvas, financial management, leadership skills, sales, and social media.

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Portrait of Christina Fakhry

Christina Fakhry

Creative Campaign Consultant

Christina, a seasoned content consultant, freelance journalist, and creative director, boasts extensive experience in media and communications. Leading the Social Sphere at ArabAd, she contributed to various publications, including Harper's Bazaar Arabia and Fast Company ME. With a diverse TV presence and hosting her own show, Trendsetter, Christina also excels as a chameleonic content consultant, crafting strategies for brands like Dunkin' Donuts and Häagen-Dazs. Leveraging her journalistic background and creative acumen, she actively seeks exciting freelance writing and consulting opportunities.

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Portrait of Jeffrey Khater

Jeffrey Khater

B2B Tech Sales Consultant

With a BSc in Information Technology and 12+ years in Sales, Jeffrey coaches Tech SMEs and Startups in enhancing B2B Sales, blending expertise with a wide understanding of psychology. Beyond business, he aspires to build shelters globally for women. Notably, he’s consulted for major enterprises, handling projects with +1,000 users and +1M$.

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Portrait of Ksenia Kurileva

Ksenia Kurileva

Program Director, Metta

Ksenia is the Programme Director at Metta - the transformative innovation agency that is helping governments, startups and global businesses be more innovative and sustainable. Prior to her current role, Ksenia worked at B2B startups Streetbees and CognitionX, identifying growth opportunities for their AI-driven platforms and working with FMCG clients like P&G, Unilever, and Colgate. Ksenia is passionate about supporting female founders on their startup journey and works with global organizations including HerMeNow, With Purpose, WomenTech Network, and She Loves Tech.

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Portrait of Olga Kizina

Olga Kizina

Creative Business Cup Lead

A creative producer, entrepreneur, and cultural management MA graduate from the University of Manchester, Olga has been shaping creative industries since 2011. Formerly the director of Russia's first Creative Industries Agency, she’s assisted startups globally. Having founded a creative business in Poland, she understand the challenges of new markets. Now based in Germany since 2019, she develops European creative industry projects and mentor leaders with Creative Business Network.

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Portrait of Rafka Abu Salem

Rafka Abu Salem

Entrepreneur & Data Analyst

A biomedical sciences graduate turned data enthusiast, she’s on a mission to make a significant impact through technology. With a role as a Data Analyst post-ML program completion, she excels in handling datasets and fostering diversity in the tech industry. Beyond data, she’s a left-handed artist showcasing her creations on Insta & TikTok: @rafai.arts

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Portrait of Ruth Ayamga Danso

Ruth Ayamga Danso


Ruth Ayamga Danso is a motivated marketing professional and co-founder of Pro.mote. With a proven track record in customer service and administration, she excels in multitasking and client satisfaction. As the Marketing Director at Korah Foods Ltd, Ruth develops effective marketing strategies and analyzes consumer behavior. She's an Entrepreneurship Coach, Owner of RAD Ventures, and previously served as HR Manager at Translight Solar Limited. A  BSc in Business Administration from Ashesi University, Ruth holds certifications in HR Management and Procurement. She's committed to entrepreneurship and continuous learning.

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Portrait of Tamara Ghandour

Tamara Ghandour

Impact Investing Advisor

Tamara is a sustainable development and social entrepreneurship specialist, emphasizing women's empowerment. With on-the-ground experience aiding Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, she focuses on psycho-social support, livelihood, and alternative medicine for PTSD. As the former Head of ESG & Impact at Stardust Concept, Dubai, and Deputy Executive Director at HerMeNow, Tamara dedicates herself to creating social impact, particularly in women's empowerment, actively participating in the MENA social entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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Portrait of Wael Hammad

Wael Hammad

EcoTourism Entrepreneur

Embarking on a career at sixteen, Wael became one of the youngest guides in Lebanon, driven by a passion for the interplay between nature and life progression. Choosing a finance major in university aligned with his vision of sustainable development, Wael achieved personal success with Hiking Lebanon where he leverages years of sustainable tourism experience and entrepreneurship training to lead a startup ecotourism business.

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Ayah Sharif

Ayah Sharif

Communications and Sustainability

Ayah Sharif, an expert in Sustainability and Social Impact, currently serves as "Regional Sustainability and Communications Manager" at Kristies Lab. With notable experience, including as "PR and Sustainability Manager" at the United Nations Global Compact Network Lebanon, Ayah is deeply involved in ESG, Governance, Sustainability, Communications, and Social Impact. Holding a Master's in Marketing and a Bachelor's in Public Relations, she actively contributes to global initiatives, like the Global Ambassadors Initiative in the Middle East, and serves as a SPSC Ambassador in the UK. Ayah is dedicated to impactful contributions at the intersection of business, sustainability, and social impact.

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Do-Si Farah

Do-Si Farah

Entrepreneur and Green Tech

Dosi is the founder of U Seed, bringing expertise in sustainable practices, technological innovation, and a deep understanding of European standards and the MENA region's ecosystem. Dosi has shaped U Seed's unique blend of green technology and eco-friendly solutions. With a focus on implementing the latest technologies to build the green value-chain and reduce carbon footprint in the e-commerce exchange, Dosi offers hands-on experience and valuable insights. Beyond the success of U Seed, Dosi is passionate about empowering others in their sustainability journeys. As a coach, Dosi shares expertise in sustainable business practices, technology integration, and community-building to help individuals and businesses address market needs and create positive impacts in their ventures and on planet Earth.

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