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HerMeNow Accelerator Cycle 2 finalists in Dubai

the program

The HerMeNow Accelerator is run in collaboration with a dynamic team of experts specialized in social entrepreneurship in MENA with more than 14 years of experience in the field:

The participants are social enterprises created by women entrepreneurs who have already developed traction with their business and are ready to scale up.

The 2023 impact focus is green social entrepreneurship

what does the program look like?

Enterprises will get access to an empowering program that will include monetary prizes, mentoring, access to opportunities and more.

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Open House

- online discussions

- info sessions

- selection Process

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- 30 teams

- online workshops

- pitch practice sessions

- light mentorship

icon of a financial incubator


- weekly workshops

- regular milestone check-ins

- mentorship coordination

- demo day

The Program


The 2023 HerMeNow Accelerator Cycle.

updated timeline 2023

the benefits

Here are the benefits for the enterprises participating in the program




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Training, mentorship, and other support during the three-month accelerator program

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USD $2,000 grant funding

Connections with Mentors/Experts worldwide to assist with key project needs.




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Lifetime access to HerMeNow accelerator resources and network including mentors, investors, alumni and staff.

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Demo day exposure and other investor connections

icon of a link in a chain

Links to key regional and global partners for possible downstream support.

selection criteria

Enterprises will be assessed along these different criteria, though not all are required for the program


icon of unity symbol


whether the application fits the eligibility criteria of the program


the team’s background, capabilities to execute, and ability to gain and contribute to the program. 

icons of 3 heads



icon of 3 persons in a meeting

impact & inclusion

Does the business have a social impact? Does it create jobs? Does it have a positive impact on marginalized and vulnerable communities? 

value proposition

Is the Company tackling a real problem and offering a valuable solution? Does it have the ability to grow and be sustainable? Is the market potential attractive?

icon of a hand holding paper currency



icon of bar chart with an arrow trending upward

milestones & traction

Does the business generate revenues? Has the business achieved significant milestones? Has the company demonstrated it could compete?

strategy & challengers

Does the business have a clear growth strategy? Is the program able to support the business in its current challenges?

icon of statistics on a flowchart



icon of circles intertwining

overall passion

Based on the strength of the team,  the business, and the potential impact it can create: how passionate are you about this application?


The enterprise is eligible if it meets the following criteria:


icon of currency representing profit

Your enterprise has been operating for at least three years and already generates revenues


icon of 4 arrows in a circle

You have the potential to sustain your enterprise without the program’s long-term support.


icon of two persons meeting

You have more than one person in the team, with at least two members working full-time in the enterprise.


icon of a heart floating above an open hand

No restrictions on sociographic or other parameters regarding the applicants.


female icon

Female-led enterprises and enterprises with higher diversity are particularly encouraged to apply.


icon of circles intertwining

Your enterprise has a social element / generates a positive social impact.

We are unable to support the following


icon of hand with a cross in the centre of the palm

Enterprises of only

one individual 


icon of a circular arrow with an exclamation point in the centre

Enterprises that are engaged with other entrepreneurship/innovation programs/accelerators

the 2023 finalists

Meet the finalists of the HMN Accelerator Cycle 2. The final 10 participants are green social enterprises created by women entrepreneurs whose businesses range from sustainable farming, waste management, retail commerce and beyond.

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