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HerMeNow Wellness Consultant, Anam Anjum

Anam Anjum

Wellness Consultant

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Welcome to HerMeNow Wellness!

I'm Anam, your wellness coach at HerMeNow

Wellness is one of the core initiatives in the HerMeNow 2023 Accelerator cycle. Our aim is to help all our HerMeNow participants and alumni develop the wellness tools to flourish in their physical, emotional, occupational, and social wellbeing.

"The outcome of your life will be determined by your outlook on life"

-- Mark Batterson

The HerMeNow wellness division is excited to offer :

one to one 

Individualized coaching sessions intended to help participants and alumni assess their progress and chart their paths forward. 

wellness blog

Weekly blogposts dedicated to delivering actionable wisdom that you can implement during your journey with the HerMeNow program.


Wellness group workshops around the year that share the latest insights and explore strategies to enhance wellbeing.

The journey to becoming the best version of yourself has begun!

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one to one

If you are a HerMeNow Alumni or participant, you can benefit from a one on one session with Anam. Reserve your slot for a one-on-one coaching session with Anam.

Questions?  Reach out at

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