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the 2022 mentors

Meet the HerMeNow Accelerator Mentors.

A huge thank you to all our advisors and mentors who volunteered to dedicate their time and expertise to what we believe in. None of this achievement would have seen the light of day without their knowledge and generous intelligence.

Headshot of Alya Al Jeboori

Alya Al Jeboori

CFA, Head of Family Office

Alya Al-Jeboori is an accomplished Wealth Management, Private Banking and Wealth Planning professional with over 15 years of experience in financial portfolios and asset management.

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Headshot of Danyal Shah

Danyal Tirmazi

Finance, Business Risk and Strategy Professional

Danyal Shah has significant experience in mobilizing marginalized communities with new and innovative business models that create a sustained financial, social and environmental impact. Between 2009 - to 2016, he pioneered several off-grid energy initiatives at a grass roots level that aimed to benefit the bottom of the pyramid. He also established a consultancy that offered top tier advisory services to social startups.

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Headshot of Puja Mahajan

Puja Mahajan

CEO and Founder of Azzera

Puja Mahajan, an aeronautical and environmental engineer by trade, as well as an experienced executive who excels in building innovative and service-oriented organizations.

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Headshot of Isabelle Floret

Isabelle Floret

Head of Leasing Markets

Isabelle joined the Board of Amedeo Limited earlier this year. Isabelle held multiple senior leadership roles throughout her career at Airbus and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in aviation.

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Headshot of Jessica West

Jessica West

Business Advisor and Executive Coach

Jessica West invites visionary leaders to explore the Art of Transformation. She guides clients to impactful excellence, challenging them to face their limitations, shift their mindset, and empower their teams to reach lasting greatness and success.

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Headshot of Oliver Libby

Oliver Libby

Managing Partner H/L Ventures

Oliver B. Libby is co-founding Managing Partner of Hatzimemos / Libby Holdings (H/L Ventures) and of CityRock Venture Partners. Mr. Libby also chairs the Board of The Resolution Project, Inc., a non-profit organization based in New York City.

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Headshot of Gina Whitehead Girona

Gina WhiteHead Girona

CEO & Founder, OOAK Agency

Gina Whitehead Girona is the CEO & Founder of a One of a Kind Agency (OOAK) & Sky Events. She also acts as a consultant to the business aviation sector and is an avid women-in-business supporter as well as an art aficionado.

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Headshot of Rania Hoteit

Rania Hoteit

Multi-Award Winning Serial Entrepreneur & Impact Leader

A multi-award winning serial entrepreneur, impact leader, author, advisor and international speaker . With the depth of her expertise and exceptional success record, Rania is a sought-after executive leadership consultant who guides innovation transformation, human development and business growth for companies around the world.

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Headshot of Maria Frangeih

Dr. Maria Frangieh

Visionary Entrepreneur

Dr. Maria Frangieh is a successful and visionary entrepreneur. Awarded the Marketing 2.0 Influencer Award 2022 in recognition of her contributions to the field of marketing and advertising. Dr. Maria Frangieh is also a university lecturer in Digital Transformation.

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Headshot of Ksenia Kurileva

Ksenia Kurileva

Programme Director at Metta

Ksenia is the Programme Director at Metta - the transformative innovation agency that is helping governments, startups and global businesses be more innovative and sustainable.

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