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5 Empowering Tips Every Woman Should Know

Embrace your self-worth and confidence with these empowering tips for every woman

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Living in an era of an extremely externalized experience, it is essential to have a strong moral compass that allows us to stay connected to our true beliefs and values so we do not get lost in the hustle and bustle of the world around us. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements and products that trick us into thinking we need to buy them for a better life.

The fact of the matter is that not everyone will have it all, and it's a hard pill to swallow, but it's also true that it's ok! Not everyone is meant to have the same experiences, success, relationships, or life trajectory because we all are individuals carving individualistic experiences in this lifetime. 

As a woman, you inspire those around you and the next generation. How you believe in yourself, show up for yourself, and care for yourself are the things that other women and young girls adopt from you. Here are some empowering tips for every woman -

Know Your Self-worth

Always know that your worth is not attached to your financial, marital, or social status. That doesn't mean you stop growing in these areas of your life. But realize deeply that you have an inherent worth as a woman and human being, which is not attached to these external factors. When you attach your self-worth to external parameters such as your relationship status, body image, financial and career success, etc., you will likely be disappointed. Instead, suppose you have a strong sense of self deeply embedded in your values and abilities. In that case, it's unlikely that external situations will be able to impact your view of self negatively. And that is what having a strong sense of self feels like.

If you want to enhance your self-worth and your confidence, you should be working on growing as an individual. When you focus on that, worldly success automatically follows. Educate yourself, learn and grow, and focus on how you can add value to your life and to the lives of others. We all are born with a natural set of abilities, and we understand how you can use your abilities to become the best version of yourself.

Your Physical and Mental Health is a Priority

Not just in rural areas, women in urban communities almost always ignore their health as well. Your physical body is the vessel that will carry you throughout this lifetime, and your mental health will navigate your emotional soundness for the remainder of your life. So, make sure that you always prioritize your health. 

Some clients often delay their doctor's appointments due to their busy schedules. Things that seem minor at face value have a meaningful impact when it comes to health and wellness. If you are 21 or above, you must actively manage your health by scheduling an annual overall health checkup that includes a gynecologist appointment other than the basic visit to your primary care physician or GP whenever you feel ill.  

Keep an active lifestyle by regularly including low to medium-impact exercises into your routine. Be mindful of what you eat and have nutritious foods to balance your hormones and manage a healthy weight. 

Always take time for rest, whether you are a professional or a homemaker. Pay attention to your need for sleep and recovery despite your busy schedule.

Depend on Yourself

Learn to depend on yourself emotionally and financially instead of looking for someone to rely on. You can be a family woman and yet be strong and independent. Understand yourself more, your emotional needs, and how you can meet them. Work on becoming financially independent. This does not mean you have to achieve financial success according to the social parameters but enough to depend on yourself.

Often, women stay in unhealthy relationships either because of emotional or financial dependency. Learning to meet your own needs makes you secure within yourself. It helps you to have confidence and a strong sense of self. This enables you to establish firm boundaries that protect you from abusive and unhealthy relationships. 

Have a Strong Support System 

Support systems come in many forms and have different layers to it. This could include family members, close friends, colleagues, and external support individuals/groups (coaching professionals, therapists, etc.). A solid support system helps you overcome tough times and quickly bounce back from setbacks. It also gives you a sense of belongingness (essential for social dynamics) and a place to share your wins. 

However, when creating a support system, be mindful of the people you let into your personal life. Always think of quality instead of quantity when it comes to the people in your life because the people in your life have a significant impact on you. Look for people who can be a positive influence and a good role model to you.

You are Whole Within Yourself 

Marriage is a beautiful relationship, but every woman should deeply understand that she's whole within herself, with or without marriage. Often, women put a lot of pressure on themselves if they are not in a committed relationship or in a traditional marriage by a certain age. They overlook all other achievements and devalue themselves. Also, the societal pressure on the matter doesn't help either. 

Marriage is a part of life, and it's good to have that foundation to start your own family. However, it's ok if you haven't met your other half or met him and then lost him. You still are the person you would have been in a relationship with. You still possess all those qualities and have the ability to be happy and cherish your life. Just because it takes you some time to meet the right person doesn't mean you are incomplete or should stop living your life.

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