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5 Things to Avoid When You're Struggling with Anxiety

Whether you are under a lot of pressure constantly or you experience anxiety rarely, here are a few things you can avoid to alleviate your stress.

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The fact of the matter is that no matter how much we try to keep things under control, we all experience anxiety at one point or another. For some of us, it's more often and for the lucky ones, it's relatively less. In either case, this lingering feeling directly impacts productivity, sleep and health, and our relationship.

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Avoid Going Into The Rabbit Hole

Though it's easier said than done, focus your attention on finding the solution rather than the problem. This strategy will help you to reduce your anxiety significantly and also you will be able to find a solution faster if you just change your perspective. Simply try this by just recognizing the circumstance objectively without passing judgment on it. Consider what you can do to resolve the situation as best you can, and concentrate on that. Your mind mostly jumps to the worst-case scenario, by practicing this technique you’ll stay in the present and will feel less stress.

illustration of a woman lighting a cigarette

Nicotine Is A No No

In general, smoking is never a smart choice, but it's even worse when you're under stress. Higher blood nicotine levels will keep you awake and simply increase your anxiety. Try to substitute drinking water or chewing gum for smoking, even if it's a vape, and avoid smoking altogether.

illustration of a woman eating a burger

Numbing Your Emotions With Food?

Food often becomes our escape and there is nothing wrong with that since it tastes so good and comforting. However, the aftermath is often not that delicious. Maintain your healthy eating schedule. Instead, if you have the time, make an effort to make your meals at home. At times cooking can be very therapeutic.

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Skip The Toxic People

Focus your efforts on those who make you feel good. No matter how fascinating they may appear, stay away from negative individuals since just because you are looking for a distraction, they will only make you feel worse. And you will feel more drained after meeting them.

illustration of a man and woman going for a walk

Becoming A Couch Potato

When you are mentally fatigued, it is difficult to get yourself back up, but this is where your willpower can help you. Go for a walk outside if you lack the strength to do a challenging exercise. Ask a friend or your partner to join you if you are having trouble going for a walk. One of the best things you can do to reduce anxiety is to exercise and move your body.

No matter how bad it is, remind yourself that you won't feel this way forever; always keep in mind that change is the only constant in life. To get yourself out of this rut and become the best version of yourself, all you have to do is make a conscious effort to change your focus a little bit each day.

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