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Are You Feeling Tired All the Time?

If you're feeling tired, this is your guide to feeling more energized and improving your wellness

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We all have those days when we want to turn off the morning alarm and stay in bed. We feel we need more energy to get on with our day, or sometimes we drag ourselves throughout the day. While this is normal on some days for everyone, if you are feeling tired constantly, it could be an alarm sign and a wake-up call for you to adjust your lifestyle.

High-stress levels, lack of sleep, deficiency of vitamins, and several other factors cause constant fatigue. According to Dr. Akerman, "Tiredness is natural. You might be tired after a long day at work or exercising. That's normal, and most people experience that. However, no matter how much you rest or how little you do, you still have this feeling of not having a ton of energy or the ability to do much. It can sometimes be a sign of something more serious going on."

Run a Vitamin Panel Blood Test

illustration of a person doing a vitamin panel blood test

Establishing that it's not everyday tiredness and constant fatigue, you should book an appointment with your physician to arrange a vitamin panel blood test as the first precaution to check if a deficiency of iron or any other low vitamin levels are causing you to feel this way.

Yes, going to the doctor is less exciting, but when it comes to your health, your only preference should be to take care of yourself as you do for your loved ones. After all, if you are not feeling 100% great, you won't be able to care for others.

Develop a Sleep Routine

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Often, with startups and new projects, you will experience many sleepless nights. Juggling responsibilities between your family and your dreams can be stressful. Ensure that you develop a sleep routine. Lack of sleep results in lethargy and groggy feelings throughout the day. It would help if you allowed yourself to rest and have an uninterrupted sleep for higher productivity levels.

Set A Fixed Time to Sleep and to Wake Up

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Eat dinner a few hours before bedtime, so you have enough time to process the meal.

Avoid sugar, alcohol, smoking, and drinking excessive water before bedtime.

Allow yourself 40 minutes to wind down time before bedtime and turn off your electronic devices.

Get Enough Body Movement

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Are you not exercising because it takes energy to exercise? On the contrary, it gives much more energy and helps relieve stress. You are working at your desk, spending all your time indoors. It would help to have fresh air and vitamin D, so get outside daily. If you do not like going to the gym or sports, try going for walks. One way to feel less tired is to move your body as you shift your energy levels and allow the shift in your heart rate. Exercise as a part of your daily routine helps you feel more energized and less stressed.

Foods to Avoid

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Nutrition plays a vital role in our energy levels. A stimulus such as caffeine and energy drinks gives you a temporary artificial boost, but the energy levels crash lower after they wear off. If you overeat sugar, carbs, trans fats, and junk foods, you are giving away your energy. Be mindful of your diet, and make sure you include healthy foods such as bananas, eggs, maca, matcha, and cocoa that provide naturally sustainable energy levels throughout the day. Adding these foods to your everyday meals will not only help you with feeling less tired but will also help you with needing artificial energy boosters.

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