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Planning Ahead for Higher Productivity for Startups

Sharing effective ways to manage schedule for higher productivity in your startup

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Starting a startup can be tiresome and overwhelming, which can make you miss out on many little important things. Planning ahead of time ensures higher productivity and improves the chances of a successful outcome in your projects. Here are some strategies to get organized and make the most of your higher productivity in your startup.


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When all your tasks are cluttered, it feels like a mess, and you lose the sense of prioritization based on urgency of the matter in an orderly fashion. Prioritizing tasks will help you stay organized, as well as stay on track and time.

When prioritizing, always plan your schedule based on the impact of the task and the deadlines. Start by prioritizing the high impact and most urgent tasks first and foremost and then schedule the mid-low level significant, less urgent tasks later.

Planning Ahead

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Create your schedule of days, weeks, and months ahead. For actionables that are recurring, such as quarterly meetings, yearly conferences, license renewals, set recurring reminders for them in advance.

Scheduling ahead of time will help you to not miss out on important dates and tasks and will consequently avoid the penalties. You can also consider using google calendar or other scheduling apps that are available for free to keep your schedule organized effectively. Furthermore, include all the relevant stakeholders in the scheduled event to keep them updated ahead of time.


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Identify in the beginning what tasks are better suited for delegation and outsourcing and shortlist them to finalize the suitable vendors in the very beginning. This will save you time and will reduce the added stress during the project.

However, in some cases it might not be possible to outsource the task to a paid vendor due to budget constraint, in which case look for pro-bono support for your project well in advance instead of leaving it for the last minute.


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When starting a startup, you will encounter some unforeseen and unplanned circumstances that can derail your progress. Having a mentor or coach on board will help you gain better understanding and explore different perspectives on situations. At HerMeNow, you can schedule free virtual meetings with your assigned mentors and wellness coach who are delighted to assist you with your planning process.

Furthermore, it's important to include your whole team in the planning process to understand all the individual parts of your project and include their timelines in your scheduling forecast. Appreciate feedback from your team with an open mind as it will help you build a bond of trust among your team and recognize the blind spots in the project ahead of time.

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