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Reclaiming Your Health: Holistic Wellness for Women

In our first blogpost, we take an overview of practices targeting holistic wellness.

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​​At HerMeNow we understand the importance of women’s wellness and for that very reason, it is among our core initiatives during the 2023 accelerator program.

Our free wellness coaching sessions and workshops are specifically designed to improve the occupational, emotional, physical, and social aspects of our participants' lives. These four elements are also a part of the six-dimensional model of holistic wellness promoted by The National Wellness Institute.

Here is how each element plays an important role in creating holistic wellness for women.

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Occupational Satisfaction

Doing what you love is one thing but it does come with its challenges. There can be many roadblocks that will make you feel swamped, or demotivated affecting your progress. We understand that starting your dream project can be overwhelming at times, which is why at HerMeNow wellness coaching we help you to strategize and plan your work in a way that you feel less overwhelmed and more focused. During a session, you are in full control of the planning and goal setting and your coach is there to support you and to pave the path with you.

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Emotional Health

We all have those bad days and sometimes bad weeks. However, not being able to deal with our emotions steadily does have a direct impact on our work, relationships, and social life. Emotional wellness is the ability to have awareness and processing of one’s feelings healthily so that one can move forward and flourish in life so that those bad days or weeks don't turn into bad months. At HerMeNow wellness coaching we offer regular check-ins to our members, along with providing the tools to manage their emotional health better.

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Physical Health

Lack of physical fitness and poor eating habits can often lead to burnout, illnesses such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease (in the long run), and could affect mental health. On the contrary, being physically fit can not just reduce the risk of disease, but also looking good and feeling great about yourself often leads to the psychological benefits of higher self-esteem, reduced stress, and improved sleep. At HerMeNow physical health is a part of our wellness coaching program to help our candidates stay healthy and vigorous so that they can focus on their ambitions and their personal life.

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Social Satisfaction

Our social satisfaction is directly linked to our emotional health. It is about relating, interacting, and communicating with others. It also creates a support system for us that plays an essential role in our emotional satisfaction. While all the other three elements have a direct impact on our wellness, the social element has an indirect impact on our wellness, as not being socially connected leads to feelings of isolation. At HerMeNow wellness coaching we work with our candidates to achieve a harmonious work-life balance.

You can book your free coaching session now through the HerMeNow website

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