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Loving Yourself At Your Lowest

Loving oneself doesn't mean that you need to become selfish, rather it is an act of compassion towards yourself.

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"Love yourself unconditionally, just as you love those closest to you despite their faults."

-Les Brown​​

For most of us, we prioritize our roles of being a supportive partner, a caring mother, a loving daughter, a sincere friend, and a boss lady. The giving nature comes to us naturally being a woman, and sometimes we tend to forget to be there for ourselves.

Loving oneself doesn't mean that you need to become selfish, rather it is an act of compassion towards yourself. A sense of acknowledgment, that you too matter just as much as the people who you care about.

Especially on your lowest days when you are feeling physically exhausted, or mentally drained, taking out a few hours for yourself or doing some simple acts of kindness for yourself will help you to recharge and feel fulfilled.

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Loving Yourself As You Would Love Your Partner

We all have those days at work when we are feeling burnt out or we mess up at work or home and it feels like a failure, the next time you are feeling that way; ask yourself how would you treat your partner if he had come home after a rough day.

The irony is that in such scenarios we offer love and compassion to our partners but we criticize ourselves and put ourselves further down with negative self-talk.

So the next time something like that occurs, take a step back from the situation and rephrase the scenario mentally, approach yourself with kindness and compassion. Console yourself and think of ways how you c

an do better next time.

Remember that we all make mistakes and it’s not the end of the world unless we keep repeating the same mistakes (then it's a problem). Our mistakes give us a chance to learn and grow, as long as we are willing to learn from them.

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Importance Of Your 'Me Time'

Nothing feels better than a sea salt bath followed by a calming meditation after a long day. But that's what I call my 'Me Time'. Perhaps your 'Me Time' includes painting your nails or listening to music, watching a movie, dancing with your friends or watching the sunset at the beach, or simply cooking your favorite meal. Recognize what it is that makes you feel connected to yourself. Makes you feel joyous, helps you to destress and relax and practice that often.

Our 'Me time' plays an important role in making us feel centered and whole. It also acts as an anchor on days when we feel lost or empty to bring us back to ourselves and feel grounded. And we all need this 'Me Time', especially on days when we are feeling low and disconnected from ourselves.

I highly recommend planning 'Me Time' at least bi-weekly or more often like every 10 days. A simple act of compassion by you for you.

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10 Sentences About Yourself

A journaling tip that never fails for my clients is:

Write 10 negative sentences about yourself, and how you see yourself, and rephrase those statements with positive affirmations. Doing this simple exercise will help you to see the other side of the coin and will help you with positive reinforcements.

For example:

My life is a mess.

I’m willing to release the patterns within myself that created this chaos.

I should lose weight.

I’m in the process of becoming healthier.

Nobody loves me.

I experience love wherever I go.

I’m not organized enough.

I’m creating a very well-organized routine for myself.

I am a failure.

I’m making all the efforts to move towards success.

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A Little Appreciation Goes A Long Way

If it isn't bad enough you can easily worsen your day by having a negative self-talk with yourself. So please don’t do that !!

We all understand the power of positive words. We experience it in our day-to-day lives when we speak to our children or our partner with affection or speak to a vendor positively rather than criticizing them. They are more responsive towards us and it also helps them to lift their spirits too.

Acknowledge and praise good things about yourself regularly. Give yourself all the credit that you deserve. Even on the days when it’s hard to find those points of appreciation remind yourself that “you have come a long way and you have got this”. “You are proud of yourself and thank yourself for doing all the hard work”.

Our life is only a reflection of our inner world. When we love ourselves and are there for ourselves the universe responds to us with more situations in our lives that make us feel loved and appreciated.

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