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Morning Routine For a Winning Day

How to Start a Mindful Day with Your Morning Routine

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We are familiar with the saying, “The early bird catches the worm,” but no worms can be found if the bird is fast asleep. It is evident that our morning routine greatly influences the trajectory of the day. You experience peak productivity when you wake up both physically and psychologically. You increase the likelihood of a productive day by allowing yourself a few hours in the morning before diving into your work schedule.

Establishing a morning routine is vital to enhance your focus, mindfulness, and energy throughout the day. Whether it involves taking a morning walk or engaging in a mindfulness practice, dedicating a few hours in the morning to prepare for the day ahead allows you to center yourself and cultivate a sense of being organized. You can approach the rest of your day with a heightened sense of clarity and purpose.

However, the first step towards establishing a productive morning routine involves waking up a few hours prior to your work schedule. This allows you additional time throughout the day when your energy levels are at their peak. Achieving this requires implementing a sound sleep hygiene routine. For more detailed information on sleep hygiene, you can refer to our previous blog post titled Better Sleep for a Better Day (Improving sleep hygiene), available on the HerMeNow website.

Here are a few ideas to integrate a comprehensive morning routine.

Start Your Morning with Sunlight

According to Andrew Huberman, Professor of Neurobiology at Stanford Medicine, “Viewing sunlight in the morning causes ~50 percent increase in circulating epinephrine and dopamine. These leverage healthy increases in energy, immune system function and mood”.

Allow yourself 5 to 10 minutes of direct or indirect sunlight after you wake up without your phone. Avoid checking your Instagram or other social media apps and emails as soon as you wake up (unless you are waiting for an urgent email or message). Instead, practice a deep breathing exercise in your garden or a well-lit room or simply soak up the sunlight. This will help you to feel energized instantly and will improve your mood. Balanced epinephrine and dopamine are essential for health and reduced stress levels. And sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D which we always need.

Jump-Start Your Metabolism

Our physical well-being has a significant impact on our emotional well-being.

Plan your workouts early in the morning. Any type of workout increases adrenaline in the body. And ignites your metabolism to kickstart the day. You can create your own fitness goals.

Whether it’s a mild-intensity workout or a strength training program, you can dedicate 40 to 60 minutes of your morning to your physical activity. Committing to a morning workout routine creates consistency, as there are fewer distractions in the morning. And starting your day with physical activity is a great way to enhance your overall productivity by promoting a sense of accomplishment and alertness.

Furthermore, high-intensity workouts should always be avoided in the evening as they could interfere with your sleep.

Dedicate 20 Minutes to Self-Development

Enhance the asset of your knowledge. Allow yourself 20 minutes to take in the content. This does not mean Instagram or Facebook, but instead reading or listening to content that will impact your life and help you grow. You can choose anything between the range of business development, personal or spiritual growth, or anything that resonates with your path.

This practice will stimulate your cognitive abilities, preparing you for the day ahead. It will expose you to fresh ideas and alternative perspectives, broadening your knowledge and comprehension across diverse subjects. Moreover, reading nurtures imagination and creativity, empowering you to unleash your creative capacity and generate innovative ideas.

The extent of our learning is determined solely by the limitations we impose on ourselves. Our minds are confined only by the boundaries of the ideas we embrace. Therefore, it is crucial to consistently invest time in broadening our beliefs and expanding our ideas.

Plan Your Day Ahead

Planning ahead is one of the most effective ways to get organized. It allows you to anticipate and prepare for forthcoming events or tasks, ensuring you remain well-informed and ready.

Set aside a few minutes in the morning to review the following day’s agenda. By planning your day, you can strategically prioritize your tasks, make adjustments, set clear goals, and effectively manage your time. This practice will enhance your concentration, resulting in heightened daily productivity.

Planning ahead minimizes the chances of unexpected interruptions and allows you to be adaptable and flexible in case of unforeseen circumstances. It instills a feeling of being organized and in control of your day, reducing stress and anxiety. This could also help with procrastination and getting the job done on time.

Google calendars offer excellent compatibility for scheduling, or if you prefer the traditional approach, you can opt for a notebook if you have a fondness for paperbacks. Whichever tool you choose, stay organized and stay on track with your tasks and responsibilities.

Establishing a morning routine can benefit you both psychologically and physically. Furthermore, research shows that developing healthy habits increases feelings of satisfaction, reduces procrastination, and increases confidence. In a nutshell, a morning routine sets the tone for the rest of your day, allows you to better manage your schedule, and enhances productivity.

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