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Women Deliver 2023: Post Conference Recap

Reflecting on Women Deliver 2023 – A Dynamic Recap of Empowerment and Equality Efforts

Photo of hands holding ID cards in front of the Women Deliver 2023 conference arena

The Women Deliver 2023 conference proved to be a turning point on the path to a more inclusive and fair world with its perceptive conversations, heartwarming tales, and collaborative attitude.

The hybrid conference in 2023 expanded its audience and influence by combining online sessions with live events. This Women Deliver 2023 recap the diverse viewpoints were heard and included since the event promoted in-depth conversations, engaging seminars, and networking opportunities that cut across regional barriers.

A selfie of two women attending the Women Deliver 2023 conference

The HerMeNow team attended the conference in-person in Kigali, Rwanda and made connections with several key people in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, all while spreading the word about the accelerator’s second cycle opening that supports women in MENA and Africa. Some of the most interesting events the team attended are found below:

  • MENA activists convening to make change

  • Menopause - Global Women's Experience with Aging & Healthcare

  • Gazing into the future: What do the next 5 years look like for gender equality?

  • Advancing the 2030 agenda: Exploring Synergies and Actions in Asia

  • Beyond our reproductive potential: The future of women’s sexual health

  • It's Her Economy too: How women led businesses can succeed

HerMeNow’s program and community manager participated as a speaker in the panel discussion on “Gender-based violence in entrepreneurship: unveiling key findings and recommendations” organized by Empow'Her, where data, testimonies and recommendations were shared about the magnitude of GBV among women entrepreneurs and how it impeded their empowerment journey, from more than 30 countries with specific focuses on West Africa and Europe. You can watch the full discussion on HerMeNow Accelerator's Instagram page.

Key ideas and conclusions

1. Physical and mental health

icon representing mental health

Maternal health, access to reproductive services, mental health support, and the COVID-19 pandemic's effects on women's health were just a few of the topics covered in the discussions. The urgent need to reduce healthcare inequities and guarantee that women have equitable access to high-quality treatments was stressed by experts.

2. Financial Empowerment

icon representing financial assets

With discussions centered on wage equity, women's entrepreneurship, and workplace diversity, economic empowerment emerged as a key subject. The symposium emphasized the fact that nations flourish when women have equal access to economic opportunities.

3. Leadership and education

icon representing leadership

Sessions looked at ways to get girls and women into school and ways to increase their participation in leadership positions across a range of industries.

4. Gender and Climate Change

icon representing high temperature

The conference's emphasis on the relationship between gender equality and climate change was a novel addition this year. Participants looked at how women are disproportionately impacted by climate change and investigated ways to lessen its effects while advancing sustainable development.

5. Innovation and technology

icon of a lightbulb representing innovation

The contribution of technology to the advancement of women's opportunities and rights was thoroughly examined. The topics of digital literacy, the gender gap in technology, and using technology to combat gender-based violence were discussed.

Motivating Moments

women speakers at Women Deliver 2023 conference

The conference featured many motivational tales that demonstrated the tenacity of women all across the world. These inspiring tales—from local residents bringing about change in their neighborhoods to well-known figures shattering glass ceilings—served as a reminder that development is achievable despite hardship.

Demand for Action

Set design of the Women Deliver 2023 conference stage

A strong call to action was issued at the conference's conclusion, Women Deliver 2023. Participants were asked to apply the newfound knowledge to concrete projects in their personal areas of influence. Governments, organizations, and individuals were urged to make commitments to specific actions that would advance gender equality and women's empowerment.

The momentum created by Women Deliver 2023 will definitely spur positive change for years to come as delegates return to their communities armed with information and inspiration.


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